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April 09–11
Aachen, Germany





Best Paper Awards

We congratulate the winners of the GMP 2018 Best Paper Award sponsored by Elsevier / Computer Aided Geometric Design!

    • Fast and Robust Hausdorff Distance Computation from Triangle Mesh to Quad Mesh in Near-Zero Cases
      Yunku Kang, Min-Ho Kyung, Seung-Hyun Yoon, Myung-Soo Kim
    • P-Bézier and P-Bspline Curves – New Representations with Proximity Control
      István Kovács, Tamas Varady
    • Elliptic Grid Generation Techniques in the Framework of Isogeometric Analysis Applications
      Jochen Hinz, Matthias Möller, Cornelis Vuik

Award committee:
Elber Gershon
Michael Scott
Dongming Yan

Program Chairs:
David Bommes
John A. Evans
Ligang Liu